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October 22, 20200
Browse sculptures outdoors in Mayfair


International travel may be restricted, but you can still enjoy international art thanks to a sculpture trail in Mayfair.

What’s more, the Mayfair Sculpture Trail is also a Covid-19 safe experience, because it is outdoors.

The trail is a public art collaboration between Westminster City Council, Burlington Arcade and local galleries such as Cork Street Galleries.

The route guides you through Mayfair along Bond Street and Cork Street, down Burlington Arcade and through Berkeley and Grosvenor Squares.

In addition to seeing the artworks, you can enjoy audio commentary and information about it through QR codes and the museum app Smartify.

This October, thanks to Bond Street’s Opera Gallery, the route will also feature sculptures by artists’ Manolo Valdés, Anthony James and Seo Young-Deok.

Seo Young-Deok

Start in Grosvenor Square. There you will find a carefully constructed version of the recycled iron chains used in the Korean artist Seo Young-Deok’s 2019 sculpture Mediation 1554.

The iron pieces are welded together to take on human forms, bringing new life to the metal links.

Seo Young-Deok is inspired by his family’s experience working in Korea’s industrialisation era. Young-Deok highlights suffering and decay through thoughtful sculptures, demonstrating the strength of the human spirit.

Seo Young-Deok’s Meditation 1554, 2019 © Guy Bell
Manolo Valdés

Next, don’t miss Manolo Valdés’ Reina Mariana – a large bronze sculpture of Queen Mariana. It’s just steps away on Bond Street.

Valdés took inspiration from Velazquez’s well-known portrait, Queen Mariana (1652-1653), when creating Reina Mariana.

One of Spain’s most famous living artists, Manolo Valdés’ designs connect the past and the present. Valdés takes the works of classic artists including Velázquez, Rembrandt and Goya and converts them into something new.

Manolo Valdés’s Reina Mariana, 2017 © Guy Bell
Anthony James

After Reina Mariana, don’t miss Crystal 001 by the world-renowned light sculptor Anthony James.It’s beside Louis Vuitton on Bond Street.

Crystallisation, found in nature, is also found in James’ interactive LED light sculpture. James used computer programming to recreate the organic formation of crystals which incorporates mirrors, glass, and hallucinogenic surfaces.  

Anthony James’s Crystal 001, 2020 © Guy Bell


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