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September 4, 20200
Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery in Ealing is reopening on 10 September


Fine art

The former country home of the architect Sir John Soane is re-opening this month. It will relaunch with a new exhibition, Hogarth: London Voices, London Lives (to 31 Dec).

Sir John Soane designed the Bank of England, Dulwich Picture Gallery and his other former home in Lincoln Inn’s Fields, which is now Sir John Soane’s Museum London.

The museum has loaned Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery a series of eight paintings by William Hogarth, which hung in the manor’s drawing room in 1802.

The collection, entitled A Rakes Progress, charts the rise and fall of a fictional character called Tom Rakewell. Rakewell was depicted as a rich merchant who wasted his money and ended up in an asylum.

Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery’s director, Clare Gough, says, ‘We are excited to share our postponed exhibition… which feels particularly resonant now as we reflect on life for all communities in London today after the impact of the past months.’

Hogarth © Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery
Contemporary works

Hogarth’s paintings responded to the issues that London faced in the 18th century.

Likewise, contemporary art displayed alongside the Hogarth paintings will highlight challenges modern-day Londoners face. It will focus on issues such as inequality, self-image and retaining outdoor public space. It will also look at how these are addressed, such as via social media.

Therefore, expect to see pieces by Ruth Ewan – whose work explores protests and social movements – as well as photographs from the archive of Long Live Southbank, which campaigned to save the South Bank’s skateboard park.

The mixed media artist Faisal Abdu’Allah, bronze sculptor James Fritz, photographer John Riddy and film-making duo Oliver Payne and Nick Relph will also showcase their work.

In addition to the artists above, work by the Olivier Award winning playwright Debbie Tucker Green will be displayed.

Safety measures

The gallery’s safety measures may well be familiar to you by now.

These include pre-booking tickets and following a one-way route.

The gallery has also reduced capacity to maintain social distancing.


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