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September 11, 20200
Dine up The Shard on a new Peter Pan-themed afternoon tea


‘Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough,’ wrote the author J M Barrie in the children’s fairytale Peter Pan.

Afternoon tea fans must have wished hard enough, as Aqua Shard has launched one themed around the adventures of Peter Pan on the island of Neverland (from 17 Sep).

The venue

While you may not be able to fly like the boy who never grew up, you will feel like your head is in the clouds as you dine in the triple-storey atrium.

That’s because Aqua Shard is on Level 31 of The Shard – Western Europe’s tallest building. So as you dine, you’ll overlook the Houses of Parliament, St Paul’s Cathedral and Tower Bridge.

In 1929, J M Barrie gave his Peter Pan copyright to Great Ormond Street Hospital, which treats children. So for every Peter Pan afternoon tea consumed at Aqua Shard, £2 will be donated to the hospital’s children’s charity.

The new tea is served on a custom-made tea stand inspired by Captain Hook’s pirate ship, the Jolly Roger.

Dry ice creates a mysterious mist around the ship-shaped stand, which has plates attached to masts.

Peter Pan afternoon tea © Aqua Shard
Savoury bites

You’ll start with a chicken and bacon sandwich. The sandwich is wrapped in paper printed with the four ‘lost boy rules.’ Follow this up with mushroom-shaped bread influenced by Neverland’s mushroom stools.

Peter Pan’s nemesis has also inspired pastry hooks which come with hot cod and potato croquettes nicknamed Codfish.

The sweets

Next, sink your teeth into warm scones hidden in a treasure chest, which come with apricot marmalade and coconut clotted cream.

Lastly, try a Tinker Bell shaped cookie sprinkled with gold fairy dust. You can also treat yourself to chocolate cake in the shape of a trunk, in a nod to the lost boys’ Home Under The Ground.

Alternatively, try Hook’s Perish cake, which is dusted with green sugar.

Otherwise, go for raspberry and rooibos jelly with a crocodile gummy hidden inside – a reference to the mischievous character Tick-Tock the Crocodile.

The drinks

The tea is accompanied by two types of black tea created especially for the restaurant.

​Darling Tea, which is infused with rose petals and vanilla, celebrates Wendy Darling. Meanwhile, Adventure Tea has notes of citrus and ginger.

Alternatively, enjoy Never Grow Up. The non-alcoholic punch is made with pineapple, pear puree, elderflower tonic and grenadine.

For a treat, opt for a glass of Veuve Clicquot Champagne or rose.

Alternatively, order a ​Fairy Dust cocktail. The drink is made with mint and cucumber Ketel One vodka, apple liqueur, ginger, lime, absinthe – and gold dust, of course.


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