FeatureWelcome Back London: Judith van der Heijden, Rosewood London

July 28, 20200
Judith van der Heijden, head concierge at Rosewood London, talks about how lockdown affected the hotel’s concierge desk



Tell us about yourself and about the hotel

Rosewood Hotels & Resorts is one of the world’s fastest growing hotel chains. It’s known for opening hotels in unique venues and iconic locations.

I have been with Rosewood London since it opened in 2013.

I became chief concierge in November 2019. I lead a team of 23, including nine concierges.

I absolutely love working for Rosewood as it has an open mind when it comes to guest relations. This allows us to be incredibly personal; we have many opportunities to go beyond our roles to create long-lasting relationships with our guests.

What precautionary measures is Rosewood London taking to guard guests’ welfare?

Rosewood London has not set an opening date at the moment.

The leadership as well as the safety and security team are closely following the latest developments and Government’s measures. We will have every measurement placed and adjusted to ensure we offer the upmost comfort for our guests’ arrival and stay. This unique circumstance will require us to respond in a unique way.



Can we expect anything different or innovative to enhance the guest experience?

We had great plans before we closed down.

Our goals have always been to assist our guests in new and unexpected ways.

These goals have not changed and we will continue to expand our knowledge.

The concierge desk is extremely busy and has been for years. Re-opening Rosewood London will give us a unique opportunity to reshape what we do for the coming years. Now we can make our work more efficient, innovative and modern.

What did you learn during lockdown? 

I learnt that we are always in a rush.

During lockdown I walked around central London, and for the first time in 10 years, I looked at the buildings and alleys and started reading up on the history of landmarks, boroughs and buildings. You don’t do that when you’re on your way to work or in a rush to get home. I intend to continue to discover London even when we are all back.

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